Kamagra, like any other remedy with sildenafil citrate, is used for the treatment of erectile function in men. That is, Kamagra is composed of the active substance sildenafil citrate. Viagra is another similar remedy that is composed of the same active ingredient.

Safe medical sources and several clinical trials prove the safety of sildenafil, that also refers to Kamagra. All the information about the Kamagra effect is compiled in this text. Kamagra is a drug made by Ajanta Pharma according to the strictest manufacturing standards. The production plants of Ajanta have been tested and comply with the standards of the World Health Organization. The product Kamagra has passed several times for different pharmacological studies that prove the convenient dose of sildenafil citrate in each tablet. Therefore, Ajanta Pharma is a leading provider of medicines to hospitals in India and increasingly to health organizations around the world.

Kamagra is composed of sildenafil. It is the same active ingredient used in Pfizer’s Viagra.

That means that Kamagra works for the same purposes as Viagra. This drug is available in doses of 25, 50 or 100 mg. If you want to change Viagra for its generic Kamagra, follow the same dose without any alterations.

If you want to start erectile dysfunction treatment, you should first consult with your therapist to define the most appropriate dose. In general, most of all men start with 50 mg of Viagra or Kamagra. If necessary the dose can be changed. After the intake sildenafil begins to work between 15 and 60 minutes, while the entire effect lasts between 4-6 hours.

How is an erection formed in men?

To understand the effect of Kamagra, we must first understand all the mechanisms that cause a natural erection. When one experiences sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the penile tissues. Nitric oxide activates an enzyme that releases the neurotransmitter cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate).

This cGMP can relax the muscles, so the arteries dilate in the cavernous bodies. This promotes blood circulation and the penis becomes rigid. In other words, we can imagine a water hose with a shot. Without sexual stimulation, the flap and hose remain empty. But with enough stimulation the door that fills the tube opens.

It is a common process of erection. For that erection to disappear, our body produces another enzyme – phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5). This enzyme is responsible for closing the flap. Here for the first time the Kamagra effect enters.

The drug inhibits PDE-5 which increases the cGMP values. As a result, the erection becomes firmer, more durable and can occur more frequently during the entire period of activity of the medication. So the effect of Kamagra is based on the mechanism of natural erection, sexual arousal is a mandatory condition.

How fast does Kamagra work?

All medications have different effects: some begin to work more quickly, others require more time to manifest their action. If we talk about Kamagra, its effect appears within 15-60 minutes. For Kamagra to function fully, the man must be sexually aroused.

Remember that sexual enhancers do not cause spontaneous erections: one has to be excited for Kamagra to have the desired effect. Only then can you enjoy not only the same sex, but all the foreplay as a part of complete sex. If stimulation and sexual arousal remains, ends or recovers, the positive effect of Kamagra is observed for 4-6 hours.

After 6 hours Kamagra stops working. It is strictly forbidden to take Kamagra more than once a day.

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